Monday, April 13, 2009

22nd SketchCrawl Barcelona

Hi everybody!
Here you have my results from the 22nd SketchCrawl in Barcelona. I was very happy to meet Dave again and also to see the group growing with Lapin & Mónica's participation. Although I wasn't inspired for sketching, it was very nice to crawl around the city centre and discover new places. Special thanks to Lapin for having the idea of starting this blog and to put it up so quickly! Looking forward to see the rest of results from the day and for the next SketchCrawl!
Done while waiting for the other SketchCrawlers to arrive.
Lapin sketching the port view from the World Trade Centre.
The head of one of the magnificent lion sculptures back on Colón's monument.
And a couple of tourists.
My own take at Colón's sculpture.
A guitar player at Plaça del Rei.
First try to portrait Dave at the Corte Inglés cafeteria.
A second go...
And to finish up Lapin's portrait.

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