Monday, September 21, 2009

24th Sketchcrawl - 19 Sept 2009

I participated 24th World Wide SketchCrawl event with several other sketchers on September the 19th. We went to Barceloneta in Barcelona. There is a beach and a port there. This was my second sketchcrawl and wandering in the district and trying to park my bike took more time than drawing (sometimes I think it would just be faster to walk!). I didn't get there until lunchtime but most of other members worked from the morning and they made so many fine sketches while I was running around, stuck on the metro! EVENTUALLY I found the crew, and as usual, I have been totally awe-struck and amazed by the work I'm seeing from the other artists. It's really inspiring.

SO here's what I got up to yesterday:

This is where we had lunch, in La Plaça de Barceloneta. a very groovy band we watched playing in the port. Reggae/funk with funny lyrics (in Spanish! Thx for the translation Cesar).

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