Sunday, September 20, 2009

24th SketchCrawl

We had lovely weather and picked the best area in the city to get the best feeling of the end of the summer, ¨La Barceloneta¨. 
Built in 1753, with its original intended purpose to host fishermen and sailors who had been dislodged from the Ciutadella in Ribera quarter. Nowadays it keeps the same flavour that must have had back in the days, although all the fishermen activity has been replaced by the one generated by tons of tourists looking forward to get their overdose of sun, sangria and tapas and from the Barcelona citizens that want to enjoy the beach in their city.

This 24th SketchCrawl has been the largest in participation so far (9 people all together), although some of us missed Barcelona's pioneer SketchCrawler
Dave. People was coming and leaving at all times and made the day quite busy in that sense, however most of us met at 11am and headed towards the beach for the first sketch.
Once everybody was sitting in the sand I though it'd be a nice idea to draw them all together (I'm sorry I don't remember everybody's name so I choose to not mention anybody... you know who you are!)

I think that some of us got our eyes on a group of trendy guys sunbathing and looking at the sea.

The sun was getting strong so we left towards the ¨Plaça de la Font¨ that helds the Barceloneta market. While some SketchCrawlers went into the market I decided to sit down in a terrace and capture a view of the square with some of the locals enjoying fishfood tapas. After a while the fellow Crawlers joined me on the table!

With hunger creeping up from our stomachs, we left from one square to another, this time to ¨La Plaça de la Barceloneta¨, a cosy square where we found place to sit and eat some tapas. With nice food in our bellies some of us had the strength to carry on drawing without leaving the table. I pushed myself to draw the front of Sant Miquel del Port church (I need to work on those irregular lines)

We were 3 of us left after lunch so we left the square looking for something else to sketch and some late afternoon sun... we found the perfect subject between 2 palm trees and Barcelona's leisure port as their backdrop: ¨Made in Barcelona¨ a salsa/latin street band with cheeky lyrics, funny choreography and good sound (saxophonist and percussionist are missing on my sketch as they were behind the rest of the band)

Left alone I still had one sketch to do.

Tired but happy with the day's experience I left La Barceloneta with the sound of the band saying good bye. Thanks to everybody for coming and making the day so much fun and interesting.

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