Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barcelona 24th Sketchcrawl

Here is my contribution to the Sketchcrawl. Thanks to all of you, because you are a great bunch of drawers. See you next meeting.

The day started cloudy, but when we meet the sun appeared. We went to the Barceloneta beach, we spread out and spent some time drawing. The sun was more and more shiny, then I remember the last time I was under the sun and how I burnt my arms. Behind the umbrella there is a new polemic hotel, designed by the wellknown architec Ricardo Bofill. It is the "Hotel Vela".

People still sunbathing at the beach. Drawing people is the most difficult thing, they are always moving!

After the beach we decided to go to the Barceloneta market. Renewed in the 2007 by architect Josep Miàs. Again people moving. It was my last sketch and I had to leave after finish it. Thank you, see you next time.

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