Friday, December 11, 2009

25th Barcelona's SketchCrawl by EclecticBox

Hi everybody!

This time we decided to sketch around ¨El Parq de la Ciutadela¨, it's the second park in size in the city and hosts the Zoo, the Zoology and the Geologic Museums of Barcelona amongst other interesting spots.
Some of us (JasonLi, Victor ¨Swasky¨, Jiveatfive & 3a) met at 11am next to the Zoology Museum entrance and went into it to start sketching.
Here are the first drawings, that I inked and coloured with markers later on at home.
Some Stag Beetles

The Shell's Room with Jiveatfive sketching along

The sun came out and we decided to went outside for the next sketches.
Inspired by the always wonderful water colours of Enrique Flores ¨4ojos¨ from Madrid, I pushed myself to work straight on with that media (and with no previous pencil) and see what I could come up with, that one is my view of the band stand and obviously I'm miles away from Enrique

My take on the Cascade Fountain (which is a French-style fountain designed jointly by Fontsere and Gaudi and recently restored)

To take a break of the water colours I also did a pencil detail of the fountain

To that point, Jiveatfive and 3a had to leave but Carmen, Aurelie and Lapin joined us. Already lunchtime we went to ¨La Rambla del Born¨ to get a snack and go back to the park with renewed energies.
That's another water colour of one of the islands in the middle of the small lake

After a while, people started to leave as the sun was hiding, Lapin and I went back to the Zoology Museum for a bit more sketching.That's the main room interior on the 2nd floor

And Lapin sketching some animal skeletons

We finally left the Museum and went for a drink, after that Lapin took me to an incredible shop right next to calle Ferran called El Ingenio a place for theatre goods, jugglings and traditional bigheads and giants founded in 1838 and run by the third generation of the family. After my last sketch of some Bighead masks I left home.

Thanks everybody that came along, although I did miss some of my fellow SketchCrawlers...I'm always happy to meet new people and to see the group growing.

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jiveatfive said...

I learn with every post!
I like the shadows of Shell's Room, particularly, and the sketch of the Fountain with palm trees.