Tuesday, May 18, 2010

27 sketchcrawl, montjuic

El pavelló Mies Van der Rohe

Torre de casa Ramona, gent a les escales del MNAC

Panoràmica de Barcelona

Dinar i cargol

Concert de jazz, MNAC 21 (Yes! some sketchcrawlers were there)

Sala Oval al MNAC


Swasky said...

M'agrada molt la vista de l'espai interior del Mnac amb la gent asseguda i mirant el concert. Molt bé!

Dave said...

Great sketches Jordi. I like the panaromic view, very nice. Cool perspective on the lunchtime sketch. My favorite is the people watching the jazz group,(el penúltimo). Great contrast between the musicians and the public. I like the way you've solved the musicians, it's so clear what each one is doing.