Sunday, August 1, 2010

28th SketchCrawl El Born

These are my drawings of the day. I'm not as happy with them as I'd like to, and didn't draw as much as I wanted but really enjoyed chatting a bit with everybody.
Few of the ¨veterans¨ couldn't make it but quite a few new people came along, thanks everybody for coming! I hope to see you results over here and the SketchCrawl forum.

1_Dave and I sat down in a terrace, you could tell it was a relaxed Saturday morning, some sketchcrawlers joined us afterwards.

2_Later on we moved to La Estación de Francia.

3_After lunch the most of the group got back together sitting on another terrace, chatting and flicking through everyone's sketchbooks... the best way to end the day!

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Just Kaz said...

My favourite is the renfe! Also in El Born you have captured the summer feeling in la calle ~ I really like to see 'normal', 'average' Spanish things and places. It may seem normal to you, but to me is packed full of bittersweet memories! Nice work, keep it up! =)