Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Symposium SketchCrawls.

Arc De Triomf. 40th WW SketchCrawl. Ink & watercolour. ©Sue Pownall
I have to start by writing a big THANK YOU to the organisers of this year's symposium. What an amazing event they achieved in Barcelona this month!  Also, I'd like to thank everyone involved from interpreters to instructors and especially everyone who participated. The symposium was an amazing experience, one I hope to repeat next year! 

Pre-symposium sketchcrawl. ©Sue Pownall
I arrived in Barcelona the day before the symposium, left my bag at my hostel, and dashed to La Sagrada Familia to join in the pre-symposium sketchcrawl. On arrival - I froze! I drew there last year with +Nina Johansson, and some of the Barcelona sketchers, so in theory the structure shouldn't have been terrifying, but seeing the mass of sketchers and the quality of their sketches and paintings made me panic. Consequently, I only managed a bad watercolour sketch (above)
Buskers. 40th SketchCrawl. Ink & watercolour. ©Sue Pownall
The 40th Worldwide SketchCrawl was another matter. After 3 days of inspiring workshops and people, I arrived at the Arc De Triomf desperate to get drawing. After the amazing group photo was taken, I had to sketch the Arc De Triumf (top) and get an impression of the number of people (Thanks to James Richards' workshop). My final sketch was of the fun busking group, Gadjo, who helped take away the sadness that the symposium was over.

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